Huon Park pool room
Indoor swimming pool
The entertainment room at Huon Park

room to socialise...

There’s always plenty going on at Huon Park to suit a variety of interests. It’s a great way to make new friends with likeminded people when you join a group, but as we say, Huon Park is all about ‘room to be yourself’.

The Park Club is the venue for many activities and events like Happy Hour, card days, craft and booklovers groups or the snooker group. For those that like to keep active you can get some gentle exercise at Tai Chi classes or in the swimming pool with the aquafitness. There are bushwalks for the more energetic and the golf course is only a nine iron from the front door.

Enjoy outings organised by a very active Social Committee to new shows, art exhibitions, and concerts at the Opera House. Or simply invite your family and friends to dinner at our elegant dining room.

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